What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

Our experience with SERVPRO out of Kentucky have been nothing short of excellent; from the first meeting with Steve and Stephanie, frequent conversations and the superb work performed by the crew! Steve, Stephanie, and crew came down from Kentucky as a part of the storm team for SERVPRO to aid Lake County, IL residents with water damage from the storms that occurred last week. The employees are consummate professionals who are skilled , friendly and who want their customers to be pleased with the final product.! I am extremely happy with the entire process. In a time of confusion and despair, Steve and Stephanie were able to reassure my family that everything would be alright.

Thank you so much to Steve and his crew for helping me through this disaster they were honest trustworthy and hard-working they did exactly what they said they would do it the same price they came in at there was no games I appreciate all they did. They responded immediately and anytime I had a question they they responded immediately and anytime I had a question they answered quickly I felt like I was in the best hands possible during my flood.

Can't express my gratitude for the SERVPRO coming all the way from KY to help us during this storm coming through our community.

This company is EXCELLENT! That provided timely and accurate updates daily with no hesitation. Their knowledge and level of expertise is superb. They were very accommodating with my schedule and availability; they walked me through every aspect of work being performed with great explanations; and they stuck with the schedule arriving and departing with the upmost promptness. Their dedicated service, professionalism, and attitudes were invaluable. I would also recommend them to family, friends, and neighbors.

I have dealt with SERVPRO on multiple damages with our rental properties. I could not have asked for a better experience. I appreciate them taking care of it from beginning to the end! Thank You!!

When we met the managers, they hadn't even stopped to eat yet (so we had to introduce them to Lou Malnati's Pizza). A day or two later when it was our turn to meet their crew, we were pleased to meet some really great people. We got everything moved out of the room and into the PODS container, and right after that they went right into removing all the water damaged walls, insulation, and flooring.