Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Basement Following Storm

This family’s  home suffered serious damage after a recent storm. Thankfully they called SERVPRO  and we were able to help them and several othe... READ MORE

Floor Drain Backup

When a rain storm arrived this homes floor drain had a major backup.  The home owner called SERVPRO to clean the mess.  Within a few short h... READ MORE

Mold Behind the Cabinets

This kitchen had a slow leak that had been allowed to sit for weeks. What you see is the space that was behind the cabinets. The cool dark area remained damp as... READ MORE

Mold in the Nooks.. And the Crannies

When mold decides to start growing in a home or business, it doesn't just grow in easy to see or reach places. It's often found in basements, crawl spaces and a... READ MORE

Fire to the Place

SERVPRO recently finished up a major restoration project from a house fire. The fire was caused when someone fell asleep smoking. The damage was so severe the o... READ MORE

Unattended Grease Fire

This customer left their food unattended while cooking and had a grease fire. Notice all of the soot that built up on the wall and cabinets. They called our tea... READ MORE

Sewage Backup

Water damage is not the only thing that can flood your home. This customer had their home flooded by sewage that was backed up due to the city sewer. Luckily, t... READ MORE

Should the Floor be Removed?

Once water has penetrated your floor during water damage, it is very possible that you may be required to remove the flooring. A lot of times, the floor is sitt... READ MORE

Water Damage from Refrigerator Line

This home in Elizabethown was affected by a broken refrigerator line. It flooded the kitchen and leaked into the basement affecting the ceiling.We first had to ... READ MORE

Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

This family’s home suffered serious damage after a recent hurricane.Thankfully they called SERVPRO  and we were able to help them and several other f... READ MORE